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2nd Live act

The show held in January, in London, in Domination Brothel. It was inspired by Kenneth Anger films. I've sung with a new friend, Servant Soy playing the keyboard.



Intro. Primo vere (Carl Orff)

1. King in Satan's Service (Lyrics  : B. Vane / Music : Servant Soy)

2. The samba (Lyrics : B. Vane)

3. I hate myself (Lyrics : B. Vane)

4. Starman (David Bowie cover)

5. Dead paper ( Lyrics : B. Vane)

6. The world sucks (Lyrics : B. Vane / Music : Servant Soy)

7. Inauguration of the Misery dome (Lyrics : B. Vane)

8. Lucifer rising (Lyrics : B. Vane)

9. Les litanies de Satan ( by Charles Baudelaire )